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How to Use Lip Plumper Tool?

Everyone is beautiful in their ways. But it is the people that set the beauty standards. These days having plump lips are so much in trend that every girl wants plump pout. Some girls with thin lips are always looking for the best lip plumper tool to make their lips look more prominent and plumper.

The plump look can be achieved by so many tools that are on the market these days. There are lip injections, electronic lip plumper, silicon tools that work well, and how we can forget about the lip gloss that makes your lips so plump in one go, and they look so natural.

Feeling good in your skin is important, but if using plumping tools makes you feel better about yourself, and they give you a good sense of confidence, then you do, you girl! Every person in this world deserves to feel good about themselves, which is the most important thing.

Now that there are so many tools and all of them work differently and for different periods, let’s move forward and get to know how you can use them and which the best lip plumper tool.

How to Use Lip Plumper Tool?

Lip injections

Lip injections are preferably used with doctors’ help; you can’t perform such a procedure on yourself. It would help if you did not even try to do that yourself because the doctors are professionals, and they are properly trained in doing so. When you are going to a doctor for lip augmentation, you should first see if they are operating with a license and what other people who got their lip enlargement done feel about the treatment.

If you are someone who wants their lips to be plump all the time and have no time to use other tools every day, then you should probably go for lip fillers. Lip fillers with hyaluronic acid last for about six months or more, so they are the next thing to get permanent fuller lips.

You should get these fillers because the permanent lip fillers if gone wrong, can’t ever be reversed to your natural state. In comparison, the lip fillers with hyaluronic acid dissolve in the tissue after a time being and can be re-done if you like the result. This acid is already present in our body that can hold a lot of water; that’s why dermatologists always recommend getting the hyaluronic fillers instead of the other fillers. 

Lip plumper gloss

As the name suggests, it is a lip gloss that mostly has the bee venom as its key ingredient, making the lips get plump in no time. This is the best lip plumper tool if you are someone who likes their plump lips look when they are going out for a party because these are temporary and can help you achieve the look for mostly a day.

There are a lot of lip glosses that claim to give you plumper lips. When you consider them, you should be sure of the key ingredients present in the gloss. Some lip glosses have spicy irritants to plump your lips, the effects are temporary, but they can make your lips chapped, dry, and irritate you a lot. You wouldn’t want to feel that chapped lips instead of those smooth and plump lips, so for keeping your lips soft, be sure to check the ingredients.

Lip plumper pump

For using the suction pump for making your lips plump, there are some things that you need to focus on, those are:

  • The lips should be clean, and they should not be greasy at all.
  • There should be no makeup on your lips, not even any lip balm.
  • The lips should be well hydrated.
  • There should be no cuts or bruises; if you have them, avoid using the lip pump until your lips heal properly.

It is straightforward to use and is the best lip plumper tool for getting the instant result that you are looking for without applying any products on your lips. Now let’s check out the proper steps to use this tool for best results:

Steps to use

Step 1: Take the lip pump and put it on your lips and make sure the pump opening is aligned to the center of your lips. The creaser should be aligned to the bottom lip’s center.

Step 2: Compress the pump and place your lips properly in the lip pump as far as possible. And try not to breathe into the pump and do not let any air enter the pump either.

Step 3: Release the pump and see if you are able to keep the pump on your lips without touching it. If the pump doesn’t fall, then girl, you did the job right.

Step 4: Now that the pump is perfectly placed on your lips, you need to keep the lump on your lips for 2 minutes for expected results. If the suction is losing, then you can give your lip pump a few presses so that you are able to complete the session.

Step 5: When your 2 minutes are over, compress the lip pump with both your hands and remove it. Slowly take your lips out of the pump and apply your favorite lipstick or a lip balm of your choice. Your lips will turn their natural size in an hour or two.

Electric lip plumper

This tool is no different than the lip suction pump. The only difference between them is that you are using the electricity for performing the suction in the electric lip plumper. If you think that the suction lip plumper tools are too much work, and it is hard for you to use them, then the electric lip plumper is the best lip plumper tool for you.

You can set the power button according to your suitable preference and need. These are the best alternative for the lip fillers, and they are the natural way to make your lips full and pouty. Electric lip plumper also causes no harm to nature as it can be used for a longer time as compared to the silicon plumper.