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DIY: Copper Polka-Dot Pot

Design Sponge recently featured my DIY project to jazz up a plain pot-plant.

I came up with this project because metallic colours have been trending on everything from shoes to eye-lids and I work with various precious metals every day for my PhD research, like silver, gold and platinum which I use for electrochemistry. As I also use a fair amount of electronics, copper tape is a common material in my lab where it’s used as an electrical/heat conductor.
A roll of self-adhesive copper tape is surprisingly cheap (a few £ on Ebay or Amazon) and I found that it’s popular with gardeners for wrapping around pots as a barrier to snails. Snails don’t like to crawl over it and I doubt they would be ambitious enough to go through the polka-dot obstacle course. You can easily use a punch to create self-adhesive confetti with a little backing that can be peeled off and stuck-on as polka dots. You can also make more fancy shapes if you own any purpose-built craft-punches.
DIY: Copper Polka-Dot Pot
DIY: copper polka-dot pot-plant, for Design Sponge
-self-adhesive copper tape
-plain vase
1. Remove the floor of your punch over a bin and clear out any waste confetti pieces
2. Punch holes in the copper tape and save the dots
3. Stick the dots to your vase. Try to make them evenly spaced out and start off sparse, and build up to a higher density.
You can see this DIY on Design Sponge here. You can also see my previous DIY which they featured, which was DIY cheap hanging air-planters.
Let me know if you try this out!