Bratty Birthday Hair

Dear readers, just a quick post to say I need your opinion on a matter of great importance.

My upcoming birthday party is a good excuse to buy a fantastical wig and jump on the candy-head trend. I want a kind of muted/dusty pinky colour, and have narrowed it down to four possibilities, which I’ve selected from a UK seller so that it gets to me on time (

Bratty Birthday Hair

What do you think? After my birthday I might trim it shorter so that it’s a bit more wearable. Admittedly not wearable enough for the lab, but maybe I could wear it to brunch? In East London? And it’ll certainly feature in future pastel outfit posts.

I actually used to wear all sorts of awful wigs in my early university years. I had no shame. But I suppose bright hair went out of mainstream fashion after the emo/scene trend ran its course, in South Africa at least. I do like the new reincarnation as less acidic, softer colours and I probably won’t ever colour my own hair again after The Great Dying Disaster of a few years ago, so I think wigs are the way forward.

If anyone has practical experience with these kind of wigs that they could share, please do so in the comments. Thank you!