XX WOW YES DOLL KISS: Valentine's Day outfit.

Mr Zissou and I weren't feeling the hype this Valentine's day but that didn't stop me theme-dressing a bit:

Valentine's Day outfit: red gingham shirt, red lipstick, suspender skirt and brogues with a fuzzy cat bag
Gingham shirt: Gap
Suspender skirt: River Island
Shoes: Hudson (via Office sale)
Bag: Ebay
Hair bow: Oxfam
I'm really into masculine shoes at the moment and love stomping around London in these brogues. Also, you may notice my hair changing drastically from post to post because I have acquired a few wigs from Lockshop. I bought them after messing with my natural hair colour after many years of abstinence, and finding out that touching up the roots in a salon would be at least £50 in London! I decided I'd do my own modest colouring at home and wear a wig now and then when I feel like changing it up. They also take fancy-dress nights to another level.

The star of this outfit is my sweet hand-embroidered anatomical heart with a gold arrow from Les Mirettes on Etsy . As a former anatomy student I have a free pass to buy any/all anatomy jewellery for the rest of my life. This one is perfect for Valentine's Day, non? Regardez:

Valentine's Day outfit: red gingham shirt, red lipstick, hand embroidered heart brooch/pin with a golden arrow, and gold heart earrings
Heart brooch: Les Mirettes
Gold heart earrings: Dorothy Perkins?
Shirt: Gap
Our only commercial concession this Valentine's Day was this cute ("and useful") tin of mini Love Hearts (HOT GLAM FIT GRR!). I was also so taken with the soft, fruity packaging of these "Munch Bunch Squashums" that I threw them in the shopping basket without even reading what they were (answer: delicious kiddy yoghurts).

I know, I know, what about the cat around my arm?? Well, it cost a whopping £9.30 with delivery, thanks to some detective work on Ebay. Nice and snuggly for winter, and importantly it has straps that are long enough to comfortably wear on my shoulder.

Valentine's Day outfit: red gingham shirt, suspender skirt with a fuzzy grey cat head/face hand bag from Ebay
Cuddly cat bag
Check out last year's Valentine's Day post when I made chocolate "eggs and sausages" for breakfast, and the year before's mechanical swan box. Here is my Matt Pugh owl couple wishing you a sugary Valentine's weekend whether you want one or not:

Red and white Matt Pugh wooden owl ornament couple wishing you a happy Valentine's Day
Happy Valentine's Day from the owls


  1. ah, your outfit is the cutest! that cat bag is so darling, i would carry that everywhere if i owned it!

    lindsey louise


  2. You're so cute I love this outfit!! :)



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