Thesis submitted!

After my longest ever break from blogging I'm back. I had my PhD thesis to submit which is no small task and it completely and utterly consumed me. Writing those 230 pages was definitely one of the hardest things I'e ever done not only intellectually but also emotionally and even physically. Towards the end I wasn't doing well, but once it was submitted I went home to South Africa for some rest and resuscitation:

Ear attack!

I spent time with friends, family and pets at home in Johannesburg, and also spent a week in the beautiful Cape where I visited the southernmost tip of Africa, where the two oceans meet:

The southernmost tip of Africa

Seeing loved ones, feeling the sun on my skin, eating old favourites, getting plenty of sleep and admiring the the most beautiful countryside in the world all helped get me back on track and I am ready to face a new year. The next step is my PhD oral exam (also known as a viva or defense) which will be about 4 hours of intense questioning regarding my work, but once I pass that I can call myself Doctor Ellomennopee :) Until then I have a huge backlog of outfits, DIYs and photos to share with you. Thanks for sticking around.


  1. w00t! so many giant congratulations on getting your ph.d. thesis submitted!!! i'm in the last couple months of the process myself, and I totally understand how blogging can fly out the window during the big crunch.

    1. Thank you! The last couple months are the worst, I feel for you. But even though it's hard to believe, it does come to an end, good luck!

  2. Many felicitations thus far!! Doctor Ellomennopee, will be a well deserved name. :]
    ♡ Dulce

  3. Congrats! I remember when my mum was submitting hers, it's such a trial... Hope the defense goes well!


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